N.E.O. SOUND is a new music organization based in Akron, Ohio. Our group works to present NEW MUSIC, COLLABORATE with local artists, and instill a sense of COMMUNITY between residents within our surrounding area of North East Ohio and with outside composers/artists.


Each year, N.E.O. SOUND presents opportunities for up and coming composers to have their works read by professional musicians. This experience provides all participating composers insightful educational feedback as well as the chance to have their works shared with a new audience. 

Our local region is filled with solidified talent in the visual arts, dance, and musical genres extending outside of the symphonic realm. It is N.E.O. SOUND's mission and obligation to bring together artistic disciplines in an environment which is both creative and constructive. Each concert features a collaboration in which we pair non auditory artists with new symphonic works. This meeting of the minds initiative promises our audience a unique and diverse spectrum of performances while cultivating a safe haven for expression. 

We are committed to improving our presence within our hometown of Akron and beyond. Through educational outreach and community gatherings, it is our promise that we leave any place we may encounter better than we found it. North East Ohio has an abundance of great people with unique stories. We will strive to have their perspectives heard by the universal language of music. With your support and our artistry, anything is possible.


CONNECT with us. INSPIRE with us. 


Cody Ray

Executive/Artistic Director


© N.E.O. SOUND 2020
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