N.E.O. SOUND is pleased to present a new call for scores for it's 2019 - 2020 season. Composers submitting to this call will have the chance to have their works recorded and/or shared with the North East Ohio community in a public performance. We are excited to announce that WE PLAN TO ACCEPT OVER 20 WORKS*.


This call is open to composers of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, nationalities, and styles. We ask that submitted works have been completed IN THE LAST TEN (10) YEARS.


N.E.O. SOUND is comprised of 12 musicians; a brass quintet, a woodwind quintet, a pianist, and a string bass. Unfortunately we do not have access to percussion. You may use the quintets in their original configuration or not. In either case, please use at least 5 performers from the following instrumentation:

1 Flute                              2 Horns (in F)

1 Oboe                              2 Trumpets (Bb or C)

1 Clarinet (A or Bb)         1 Trombone

1 Bassoon                        1 Tuba

1 Piano                             1 String Bass/Guitar

More information on the ensemble personnel can be found here

Works involving electronics will be considered. However, due to limited resources, ONLY CDs or MP3s which require no live manipulation will be accepted.


Instrumentation that goes over the limits stated above will be disqualified.   


Works which exceed 10 minutes in length will not be considered. There is no minimum.


N.E.O. SOUND's judging process is anonymous and thorough.

  • The panel will be comprised of seven (7) adjudicators, consisting of four (4) internal N.E.O. SOUND musicians and three (3) external professional composers.

  • The judging process consists of THREE (3) rounds. 

Round One will be judged on the following: 

  • Length - No more than 10 minutes long

  • Instrumentation - Does not exceed our personnel limitations

  • Notation/Formatting - Is professionally formatted and easy to read

  • Those who do not advance will receive brief comments.

Round Two will be judged on the following​​:

  • Form​

  • Motivic Ideas

  • Development

  • Those who do not advance will receive brief comments. 

Round Three will be judged on the following:

  • Programmatic considerations

  • Style

  • Difficulty

  • Those who do not advance will receive brief comments 


Composers selected at the third round will have their work read and recorded or performed publicly and recorded.

Composers will have the option to opt out of receiving feedback.



Complete this Google Form:

N.E.O. SOUND 2019 Call for Scores

You must submit an anonymous score in PDF format.

  • Please remove the following:

    • Name​

    • Dedications

    • Any other identifying information

You must submit a MIDI Realization or Live Recording in mp3 format.

  • .wav | .mp4 | .mp4a | and others will NOT be accepted

  • Name the mp3 file as follows: titleofpiece_neosound.mp3


Pay the Submission Fee.


The submission fee will be used for compensation

of adjudicators and of our musicians for the

rehearsals and performances of the selected works.

$20 - Submission Fee

$10 - Student Submission Fee


Upload a copy of your current student ID on the Google form. Once received, you will be given a confirmation email with a student discount code. Student fees received without prior permission will be refunded and scores will be disqualified. 

Once the form and payment have been submitted, composers will receive a confirmation email notifying them of their application's status.

*We reserve the right to select less than 20 works if necessary.

Email any and all questions regarding the call for scores to neosoundcall2019@gmail.com.


BridgesJames Romig | N.E.O. SOUND
00:00 / 02:08
AbrilianaAlejandro Roman | N.E.O. SOUND
00:00 / 01:06
Long String of MoleculesTrey Makler | N.E.O. SOUND
00:00 / 00:56

These recordings are for reference use only. The unauthorized dissemination of videos/recordings is strictly prohibited.
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